Astrologi til tiden

What is most important for all of us – and hence for all employees in any company?

It is personal relations. Relations with colleagues, relations with managers, relations with family and relations with friends.

Human relations trump all other circumstances at any workplace and are absolutely crucial for the well-being of employees and the success of the department and the company.

We can assist your company and individual staff in optimising these relations and make a team fulfil its potential for the benefit of all parties. Via workshops, via courses and via team building. All of it based on modern astrology.

Get in touch for an informal talk or book an entertaining lecture guaranteed to give the audience a lot to chew on.

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Astrology is the oldest analytical tool in the world to analyse humans, their personalities, and their relations to each other. After 3,000 years this method is still going strong and it has been able to adapt to changing times. As it is doing right now where astrology is experiencing a worldwide revival especially among the younger generations. There is probably something to it.

Everything in existence is subject to the same everlasting principles about rhythms, cycles, and connections. Ever since the dawn of history, man have studied the movements of the celestial bodies and arranged life accordingly. Not even the most modern and civilised society can disregard the movements of the Sun and the Moon. The other celestial bodies play their individual parts as well, even if it is not as openly evident. Studying the many celestial elements using the right tools and the right knowledge, a unique view of contexts, dynamics and time perspective is revealed. The interpretation of this view is the most basic definition of astrology.

It is a far cry from the newspaper horoscopes and the popular, and cheap, computer generated analyses. What is required for professional astrological counselling is a living human being in the form of an experienced astrologer. Do not forget that there are about 7.6 billion different horoscopes out there – and that’s for human beings only!

Concepts like introvert/extrovert or masculine/feminine cannot stand alone. They do form part of the interpretation of a birth chart; however, the chart reveals so much more. There is so much information available in a horoscope that a serious astrologer does not play games as in “guessing” anything about a client. An astrological analysis is complex, and it takes both time, professional qualifications and experience to produce it, and, not least, to communicate it in a manner valuable for the client’s deeper understanding of him- or herself as well as for others. We don’t have all the answers but together we can definitely come a long way.