We met on board the Danish container vessel, Laura Mærsk, in 1992. Henrik was Chief Officer on board and Tinna signed on as Second Mate. It was love at first sight and we have been together ever since.

Astrology was in the cards right from the outset. Tinna knew quite a lot about the subject and Henrik, over head and heels in love, was ready to accept anything. However, like most people he was  very sceptical of all things ”superstitious”, but to no avail. He couldn’t disregard the way Tinna was able to explain in completely new and exciting ways how all things are connected. Astrology hit home in too many instances for it to be coincidental.

Tinna got pregnant and we came ashore in 1995 after working together on a number of ships trading worldwide. At exactly the same time Henrik had been offered a job ashore with Maersk Line in Singapore and off we went in March 1995 with our daughter being born in Singapore later that year.

In parallel with the shipping career, we have been working with astrology almost every single day.  We have studied with The Faculty of Astrological Studies and have both obtained their Diploma, one of the most prestigious distinctions in the global astrological community.

We have had many clients and held many lectures and workshops over the years. The interest has been overwhelming and only seems to be growing. The reason is quite obvious; astrology works and it is an unparalleled tool to analyse human beings in all circumstances and relations. It also works for companies, finances, whole countries and the political climate of any given period.

Since 1995, Henrik has held several managerial positions in Asia, West Africa and Denmark in companies such as A.P. Moller-Maersk, Thome Ship Management and The China Navigation Company, a privately owned company in the Swire conglomerate.

The last five years he has held HR manager positions working, among others, with psychometric analysis methods like Predictive Index (PI), Thomas PPA (Henrik is a certified practitioner in both of these) and FIRO-B. And, honestly, none of these widely used personality assessments does anything close to what a horoscope does. They certainly have value, but a horoscope can provide you with all the information a psychometric assessment is able to and then so much more. An individual’s dreams, potentials, interests and innermost fears. In other words, the complete narrative. The birth chart puts everything into perspective in several dimensions of which the time component is probably the most fascinating. When would it make sense to do this, that or the other? Questions we all struggle with. This is not about crystal ball gazing but about collating a huge amount of data and interpret it into a meaningful whole for a specific person. It is very much like a meteorologist gathering data and then setting out to produce a weather prognosis. No other psychological tool or method can do this in similar scope or detail.

We now work full time with astrology combining it with the many years of practical business experience gained over the years in a way few others can match. We have moved back to Denmark and are now based in Copenhagen.

Our daughter ended up as an astrophysicist, so something must have rubbed off.

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