Personal consultations

Priser og praktisk information


Do you find it hard to navigate life? As a leader and a human being. In your career and your private life. Do you feel a need to know more about yourself?

Get to know yourself in a different and more authentic manner by way of personal counselling and sparring with a professional astrologer. Prepare yourself to make the big decisions. Those who demand true self knowledge, courage and risk taking.


Career counselling: 1.5 – 2 hours personal consultation focussed on your specific questions and thoughts.

Price: DKK 2,600


Private matters: are your queries more concerned with private matters like for example your romantic relationships, moving house or purchasing property? A horoscope in the hands of a professional astrologer can assist in gaining a much clearer overview and clarify your thoughts and wishes in all of these areas and many more. Consequently, we recommend a sequence of personal talks instead of a single stand-alone consultation.

A sequence will normally entail 4-6 talks each lasting approximately one hour.

Price: DKK 900 per talk.


Contact us for more information if you have particular needs or specific queries. Please also check out the complete price list under Prices:


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