Team Dynamics

Priser og praktisk information


Is the team dysfunctional? Do the employees find that their competencies are not properly utilised and that they could thrive and deliver at a much higher level if they were allowed to work differently or with other things? Do you need to set the perfect team for a specific task or project?

Astrology can help in addressing all of these questions. It is the most effective method to identify the underlying reasons for a team performing optimally – or not.

But it doesn’t stop there. Astrology also suggests solutions for what can be done to remedy the situation. And, finally, astrology can do something more accurately than any other method, and that is assisting in determining when to implement changes.

Astrology is built on ancient knowledge and experience, but new techniques and methods are also continuously being developed. We make use of the newest and most updated methods particularly within the area of group dynamics.

We have several offers: a 3-hour workshop concerned with identifying the general dynamics of a department or a team.

A 2-3-day seminar/workshop where the deeper, underlying reasons and possible solutions are in focus.

Longer-term, tailor-made programmes where the focus lies on the development of the individual employees and the optimisation of a team, a department, or the whole company.

Price: DKK 18,500 with max 12 participants, if more DKK 1,000 are added per additional participant up to a maximum of 15 participants.

Team dynamics is also an excellent theme for a team building event where up to 20 participants watch their personal birth charts take shape over the course of a weekend. There will be a lot to talk about Monday morning.

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